Aurrora St. James

Romance is just the beginning...


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A prince seeking answers to a dark family secret.

A female warrior seeking approval from the only family she's ever known.

When warrior and prince collide in the depths of a dungeon, each willing to risk it all to achieve their goals, who will gain the upper hand? Can love survive both secrets and betrayal?
Category: Medieval Romance

2015 Rone Award Honorable Mention for best fantasy/sci-fi!

A magical kingdom suffering under a vicious ruler desperately needs the king who vanished seven years ago.


For years, the people of Aquina have been crushed under the hand of King Lorcan. Gone are the times of peace and prosperity they appreciated under deposed king Varic Khalon, who vanished the night Lorcan took power. Most believe him dead. Only one man knows the truth.

Category: Medieval Romance
The fierce and seductive Gregore Trenowyth—one of three men cursed by Gypsy magic—is driven by desire for the one woman who could be his salvation, but who he dare not let himself love…

Once falsely accused of his lover’s murder, Gregore knows when he is going to die, and he has spent decades searching for a way to break the curse that hardens his body to stone.  When a painful twist of fate lands the counter-curse in his hands then snatches it away just days before he turns to stone forever, Gregore’s desperation reaches newfound heights.  He’ll do anything to live—even if it means kidnapping the one woman who could steal his heart.
Category: Contemporary Paranormal Romance