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Historical Recipe Cookbook


Taste history with this collection of historical recipes!


Ever wondered what people ate during your favorite historical periods? Check out this collection of recipes submitted by historical romance authors that will take you back in time to taste history itself!

Aurrora's Recipe Submission: Braided Medieval Yule Bread

This beautiful but hearty dinner bread was a Yuletide tradition in Scotland and other countries throughout the medieval eras. It was often baked just for Yuletide because some of the ingredients (like cinnamon) were so expensive. Served with butter and honey, this bread goes great with Christmas dinner and even offers a surprise! Whoever finds the baked in token will have good luck throughout the coming year.

Historical fact: For a period of time in Scotland, the baking of Yule bread was outlawed. Bakeries were encouraged to turn in anyone who placed an order for Yule bread so the person could be arrested!

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