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Gavril of Aquina


Received Honorable Mention for the 2015 Rone Awards!

"This book was magical, unique, and a MUST READ. I could not put it down." - Secret Realm Book Reviews


When the king becomes the pauper, a spirited shop-keeper is his only hope at reclaiming his throne. But the longer he spends with her, the more he wishes that kings could marry for love...


Gavril Khalon had it all: a king with subjects that loved him, spent his nights on lavish parties, and had any woman he wanted. But a brutal betrayal stripped him of everything, including his freedom and magic, and left him to suffer. He may have escaped captivity, but his magic and his heart are locked away forever. Now he wanders the streets of Aquina, fighting for scraps and sweeping the streets, a shell of what he used to be.

When a wounded stranger falls into Shyla de Aven's arms, she never expects to find the former king under all that dirt and blood. Even more shocking is the desire he evokes in her, feelings she thought long dead. She knows she must help Gavril regain his magic and his throne, even if the stubborn man fights her the whole way. He’s the only one who can save his people from Aquina’s tyrannical new king who is grinding the people under his heel. Somehow, she has to make Gavril see that the pauper beneath the dirt is more worthy to rule than all the kings that came before; that he’s the best thing to ever happen to Aquina – and to her.

Note to Readers: Gavril of Aquina is a medieval, paranormal romance featuring a lost king down on his luck and a tender heroine who refuses to allow him to remain a pauper. If you like a steamy book with a hot king, a determined heroine, action-packed fight scenes, and funny side characters, then this book is for you! You get a happily ever after and no cliff-hangers.

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