Gavril of Aquina

Received Honorable Mention for the 2015 Rone Awards!


Can a deposed king and a former harem woman rescue a kingdom from a mage attempting to become a god?

Shyla is lonely. Sold into a harem by her family, she escaped during the chaos when the former king was overthrown. Since then, she’s scrimped and saved and bought herself a simple shop in a marketplace overflowing with other vendors. The only person to pay her any attention is the captain of the guard who makes her skin crawl. So when a wounded stranger literally falls into her arms, Shyla shows him the compassion she wished she’d been given years prior. She never expects to find the former king under all that dirt and blood.


Gavril Khalon, former king of Aquina, has been beaten, tortured, and starved. Any hope he once had of reclaiming his throne was burned out of his soul, along with his magic. But a chance encounter with a beautiful woman changes everything. He’s enthralled by her smile and her determination to help him. Suddenly, the hope he thought long dead emerges, along with the fierce desire to claim Shyla for his own.


Despite the magnetic chemistry between them, just knowing Gavril is dangerous. As his enemies close in, Shyla discovers a strength she didn’t know she had. And Gavril must choose between his kingdom and the woman he desires above all else.

Note to Readers: Gavril of Aquina is a medieval, paranormal romance featuring a lost king down on his luck and a tender heroine who refuses to allow him to remain a pauper. If you like a steamy book with a hot king, a determined heroine, action-packed fight scenes, and funny side characters, then this book is for you! You get a happily ever after and no cliff-hangers.