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Want to learn how I journal and what supplies I use? Below are links to a couple of the best instructional videos for starting out, as well as my favorite supplies.

How to make your own journal:

Part 1 - Creating a journal from an old book:

Part 2 - Decorating the journal:

Book covers:

Black book cloth:

Book board:

*Note: If using this book board, I highly recommend spraying both sides with a clear acrylic spray before applying any glue to keep the boards from warping when the water-based glue is applied.

Clear acrylic spray:

Bookbinding glue:

1.5" Paintbrushes for spreading glue:

3 - 4 mm Jute cord:

For creating spine ridges


Parchment paper:

Bookbinding hole punch cradle:


​Tapestry needles:

Pearl cotton thread:


Fabri-tac glue:

(either this or the tacky glue work well and dry clear)

Tacky glue:


1/4" satin ribbon for bookmarks:

Art glitter glue with precision tip:

It's not glittery. It dries clear, so I don't know why they call it glitter glue. I just love the precision applicator for gluing on small pieces. You can use this glue or just get some small bottles with precision applicators and use the bookbinding glue.

Scotch glue sticks:

Scrapbook paper:

Tip: Scrapbook paper typically comes in 2 different weights - either paper weight or card stock. The descriptions online aren't always the best at telling you which type you're going to get. Use a lighter weight paper in the 20 - 24 lb range for all of your journal pages. Use the card stock weight (typically 64-80 lb) for the end pages that you glue on the inner book cover to hide the bookcloth edges.


Walnut distress ink:

For making paper appear aged

Distress ink applicators:


Score board:

Bone folder:

Carl the paper cutter:

Yes, I really do call him Carl...


Rotary cutter for fabric:

Clear quilting ruler:

Center finding ruler:

Cutting mats:

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