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Lords of Magic Characters

Gavril (Varic Ayele Gavril Khalon)


Height: 6'2"

Hair: Dark blond

Eyes: Aqua blue

Build: Lean

Flaws: Scars covering his back

Magical Affinity: Control all four elements, conjure the Elemental Warrior


Born to a life of privilege, Gavril spent much of his youth enjoying the status and wealth that came from being heir to the Aquina throne. Years of peace between kingdoms fostered times of decadent parties, endless line of women, and an abundance of liquor. Three things that didn't change when he became king. 


When a surprise uprising robs him of his throne, his magic, and forces him into captivity, Gavril is forced to re-evaluate his life and all the things he took for granted. His freedom, when it comes, costs a piece of his soul. The young king is suddenly a pauper with only the clothes on his back. Returning to the only home he's ever known, Gavril must fight for his very survival, while harboring no hope for his future.


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: Zander

Favorite Food: Stew

Least Favorite Food: Anything out of the garbage

Favorite Dessert: Peaches

Favorite Weapon: Sword

Most Embarrassing Moment: Being caught with a half-naked Shyla by a man who is like a father to her

He's the Type of Person Who Would: Save an animal from harm or set a fair law for his people

Shyla De Aven


Height: 5'5"

Hair: Midnight waves

Eyes: Crystal green

Build: Thin but curved

Flaws: Shy and reserved

Magical Affinity: Can sense magic in others


Second daughter of a blacksmith, Shyla and her three sisters lived a simple but happy life in the kingdom of Tyrnali, until a stranger dined with her family. Sold into the neighboring kingdom's harem, she suddenly finds herself at the mercy of a handsome young king. She is ashamed to admit she is drawn to the king, but before their desire explodes, he is overpowered and taken captive.

Alone in a new kingdom, Shyla makes the terrible decision to not return to the family that sold a daughter for gold. Instead, she takes the blood money of the man who has taken over the kingdom and begins a new life. One she intends to make the most of.


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: Dianthe

Favorite Food: Lamb stew

Least Favorite Food: Roasted clams

Favorite Dessert: Sugared biscuits

Pet: A donkey named Bandit

Most Embarrassing Moment: Being caught ogling Gavril's body while he was in the bath

She's the Type of Person Who Would: Help a wounded stranger and provide food or clothing

Stefan Baudin


Height: 6'2"

Hair: Black

Eyes: Jade green

Build: Very muscular

Flaws: Fight first, ask questions later

Magical Affinity: Can alter reality, changing what others see, and shift into a huge black dragon


As a child, Stefan's mother walked out of his life and never returned. That fateful night, his father was gravely injured and left for dead. Stefan and his twin patched their father up as best they could and fled the country. Ever since that night, questions about that night have haunted him. What became of his mother? Why did she leave them? Does she live? And further... are Stefan and his twin the only remaining dragons? How long will they live? Can they take a mate and have a family?


With those questions continually swirling in his mind, Stefan begins a quest for answers.  Yet when he asks questions to the wrong person, he finds himself locked in a dungeon at the mercy of the very people he seeks. When a beautiful woman is placed in the cell beside his, Stefan if both drawn to her and wary of the peace he feels when she's near. Is she a spy sent to recover his secrets? Or a victim of the brutality his captors have shown? 


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: His twin, Nikolai

Favorite Food: Anything he doesn't have to cook himself

Least Favorite Food: Carrots

Favorite Dessert: A beautiful woman

Favorite Weapon: His magic

Most Embarrassing Moment: Shifting into a dragon for the first time in front of a village full of people and then shifting back stark naked

He's the Type of Person Who Would: Follow a quest to the end, regardless of what he finds - good or bad

Isabela Florin


Height: 5'7"

Hair: Black

Eyes: Violet

Build: Trim, athletic

Flaws: Allows her mother's opinion to influence her self-esteem

Magical Affinity: Can convert energy from one form to another and shift into a violet dragon


When Isabela's brother was killed in the great Mage / Dragon war, her entire world crumbled. In one day, she lost her brother who was her best friend and the notice of her father, whom she was closest to. As the years passed, her parents' respect turned to hatred in their grief over their lost son, until they no longer saw Isabela. Determined to win back their approval, Isabela joins the palace guard. But is isn't enough. In fact, it seems to make her mother even more spiteful.

When the opportunity to become Keeper - second only to the Queen's sentinel - arises, Isabela jumps at the chance to prove her worth to her family. If she can be Keeper like her brother once was, she believes she can finally prove her worth to her family. All she has to do is uncover the secrets of a mysterious prisoner in the dungeon. What she doesn't expect is the peace and passions Stefan rouses in her, and just how far she will go to prove herself not only to her family, but to the man who makes her feel as no other ever has.


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: Princess Corina

Favorite Food: Anything, she loves to eat

Least Favorite Food: N/A

Favorite Dessert: Sugared plums

Favorite Weapon: Her dagger

Most Embarrassing Moment: Being afraid of the dark in the dungeon in front of the mysterious prisoner, when she should be strong to gain his secrets

She's the Type of Person Who Would: Take on the biggest warrior to prove herself, even when it will mean a lot of pain

Nikolai Etienne Baudin


Height: 6'2"

Hair: Black

Eyes: Golden hazel

Build: Very muscular

Flaws: Scar on bicep

Magical Affinity: Precognition and shifts into a massive black dragon


Nikolai never wanted to be a king. As the oldest surviving member of his family, responsibility fell onto Nikolai's shoulders at a young age. Barely a man himself, he took his brother out of the small village they lived in a made sure to find them food, shelter, and clothing. Their travels led them through many lands until one day, they discovered an abandoned city in the desert of Semar. Nikolai made it their home, and as the years progressed, he took in others who also needed a home. Against his wishes, the people elected him king. But under his leadership, Semar is now a thriving city.

When the Grand Caravan comes to his kingdom, he finds among the merchants a beautiful and mysterious woman. She captures his attention, and soon, he realizes that they met once before - the day her mother was burned at the stake for witchcraft. But when his people begin to die, Nikolai is forced to face that the woman he's attracted to may be responsible for their deaths. With his brother on what Niko considers a foolish quest, he alone must learn the truth about the deaths in his city, even as he hopes she isn't responsible.


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: Kiril, his Second (in command)

Favorite Food: Anything beef

Least Favorite Food: Ginger cookies

Favorite Dessert: Fresh fruit from the trees in his garden

Favorite Weapon: His dragon talons

Most Embarrassing Moment: The time Kiril decided to bring the surprise birthday party, and half the residents of Semar, to him and caught him with his pants around his ankles as he began to make love to a woman.

He's the Type of Person Who Would: Stand between his people (or anyone weaker) and danger. He’s a hero at heart and would defend his people to the end. He deals with people swiftly and with lethal grace.

Arianrhod Deatherage


Height: 5'6"

Hair: Silver-gray

Eyes: Dove gray

Build: Full bust, slim hips

Flaws: Terrified of hurting people in her Other form

Magical Affinity: Turns into an Other at night


Aria was born cursed. She doesn't know how or why, but every night, when the sun goes down, she turns into another creature. One with the power to kill.

When a seer from her youth directs her to Semar, Arianrhod travels there with the Great Caravan. There she hopes to find a cure for her curse, and maybe the Dark Dragon himself. The man who saved her when she was to be burned at the stake for witchcraft beside her mother.


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: JoJo (her mouse), and Yuri

Favorite Food: Ginger cookies

Least Favorite Food: Beans

Favorite Dessert:  Ginger cookies

Pet: JoJo

Most Embarrassing Moment: Turning into her Other in full view of the people of Semar

She's the Type of Person Who Would: Do anything for those she loves, even if it was illegal

Old Mared


Height: 5' 8"

Hair: White

Eyes: Brown

Build: Thin and wiry

Flaws: Turns thieves into farm animals

Magical Affinity: Transmutation, can turn anything into something else


Mared was once Vizier to the King of Aquina. Shortly before the king's death, he was forcibly retired and replaced by Constantine Lorcan. He moved to a cottage near the top of Mount Cadence and lives there quite happily. When he needs supplies, he has them delivered by a shop girl he met, named Shyla.

When Shyla brings a stranger to him for help, Mared recognizes the young prince, who was the only son of his king. Mared agrees to help Gavril regain his powers, in hopes that he will reclaim the throne of Aquina, and restore the kingdom to prosperity.


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: Flix, his owl familiar

Favorite Food: Stew

Least Favorite Food: Anything poisoned

Favorite Dessert: Cookies

Pet: An owl named Flix

Most Embarrassing Moment: The time he accidentally transformed the captain of the guard into a fish

He's the Type of Person Who Would: Help a person in need... if the person was worthy. Or if it would be fun

Helene Clalas-Mor


Height: 6'

Hair: Russet

Eyes: Blue

Build: Perfect

Flaws: Streaks of white in her hair from her deal with Raynard, selfish

Magical Affinity: Uses glamour, can teleport, and is impenetrable to harm


Decades ago, Helene was married to one of the princes of the Fae royal court. She was the most beautiful of her people, and could have been the next queen of the Fae when her husband became king. But her Fae husband, Brannock, fell in love with a human woman. The human was pregnant with his child by the time Helene discovered his duplicity. Helene became enraged and sought the couple when they met in secret. She killed Brannock and stbed the woman through the stomach. For her crimes, she was banished from the Fae realm.

Now, she's discovered a way to return to the Fae realm. She will take back all that she has lost. In doing so, she will take revenge on the child of  Brannock's lover.


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: None

Favorite Food: Anything she doesn't have to prepare

Least Favorite Food: Anything she cooks. She's a horrible cook.

Favorite Dessert: Sweetmeat pies

Favorite Weapon: Her father's dagger

Most Embarrassing Moment: Being banished from the Fae realm

She's the Type of Person Who Would: Kill her lover for betraying her, or play with a baby because she wants one of her own

Princess Corina


Height: 5' 5"

Hair: Chestnut brown

Eyes: Ocean blue

Build: Short but curvy

Flaws: Mischievous 

Magical Affinity: Can slip by people undetected, put someone to sleep, and turn into a green dragon


Princess Corina is the only daughter of Queen Felicia of Caeli. She's had the run of the kingdom and doesn't take no for an answer. She isn't spoiled, so much as she is mischievous. She loves to play tricks on her friends and family. However, at heart, she would do anything for them.

When a Mage appears at the gates of Caeli, Corina is intrigued. Her people hate the Mages, but she's never seen one. She had no idea they'd be so... handsome. Until he treats her like a bothersome child. In a fit of temper, she puts him to sleep and tries to rescue her best friend from the dungeon alone. She may not be trained in combat, but nothing stops Corina from saving those she loves. Even mages too handsome for their own good who think they can order people around and treat them poorly.


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: Isabela Florin

Favorite Food: Anything sweet

Least Favorite Food: Pheasant

Favorite Dessert: Sweet cream drops

Pet: None

Most Embarrassing Moment: When her brother, or step-brother as she discovered, declared her would marry her in front of everyone

She's the Type of Person Who Would: Do anything for a friend, use her looks and her status to get her way, play tricks on her loved ones to make them smile or make them frustrated

Lucius Florin


Height: 6' 3"

Hair: Dark brown, almost black

Eyes: Very dark brown, almost black

Build: Muscular

Flaws: Scarred on the inside from decades of captivity

Magical Affinity: The only magic he has left is the ability to set wards


Lucius Florin is dead. Or at least that's what everyone thinks. During the great Mage / Dragon war, he was brought down by the Nemesi's magic and captured. They tossed his family ring into a pile of dragon ash and stole him away to their kingdom. His dragon magic was stripped from him, forcing him into his human form, and into slavery for the Mages.

Now, he does anything required of him by Raynard, leader of the Nemesi, in order to keep his family safe. They may think he's dead, but as long as Lucius draws breath, he will continue to protect them.


Fun Facts-

Best Friend: None

Favorite Food: None

Least Favorite Food: Anything served by the Nemesi

Favorite Dessert: He can't remember the last dessert he had

Favorite Weapon: His poniard (a slim blade, longer than a dagger)

Most Embarrassing Moment: Being captured in battle by the Nemesi and stripped of his dragon powers

He's the Type of Person Who Would: Do what he wanted even against the advice of his loved ones

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