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2019 Goals

I don't make resolutions anymore. Even if I tried to actually do them, I usually only lasted a couple weeks maximum. More often than not, I totally forgot that I'd even made one. I started making yearly goals instead. The difference? I break the yearly goals down into quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals. So even when life gets in the way, I can still make progress.

Last year, my goals were to finish and publish Nikolai of Semar, find a new cover artist, and start the next book. I'm happy to say that I did all three. Okay, okay, two and a half. Technically, I haven't started writing the next book but I spent time on the plot and characters, so that counts.

This year, I'm going all out. You may not know this, but the romance genre is pretty competitive and any author not producing multiple books a year is drowning in obscurity. I don't want that for my career. One of the many reasons that I write is to share my stories, and hopefully the themes of believing in one's self and accepting who you are. To rise above the crowds of competing authors, I need to increase my productivity. (And by competing, I mean only competing for your very precious reading time. I try not to compare my work to other author's as we all have different styles.)

My goals for this year are to write and publish 3 books - two full novels and a short story. Many of you know that Lucius of Vidara is next up and I can't wait to see where his story takes me.

Lucius Florin made an appearance in Stefan of Caeli as the brother to Isabela Florin, Stefan's mate. Isa was shocked to find her brother after decades apart, only to lose him once more.

Lucius returned in Nikolai of Semar as the right hand of Raynard, leader of the Nemesi - a dark faction of the Fae. His fury at his circumstances and rebellion against Raynard have captured readers' attentions, and I know his story is going to be spectacular.

I have so many more stories to write, that I'm not sure which will be after Lucius's book. It could be the cold and elusive Bastien from the Lords of Magic series. Or, maybe it'll be a new series altogether. We'll see what this year brings! Thanks for hanging in there with me and for spreading the words about my books.

Much love, happiness, and good health to you and your family this year! And may you see your own goals fulfilled, whatever they may be. Remember, tiny steps add up to finishing what you started. Hugs!

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