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Book Lovers Con

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you probably saw that last month I went to sultry New Orleans, Louisiana for Book Lovers Con. This was a fantastic trip, not because of all of the amazing people that I met, but also because I went out a few days early to see some of the great sights.

The top two things on my list to do were St. Louis Cemetery #1 (where Marie Lavou is buried) and also see some of the gorgeous plantations. I wasn't disappointed by either of them at all!

The highlight of the Con for me was meeting the wonderful Christine Feehan and her son Brian Feehan - an up and coming paranormal romance author. They were both great! If you haven't been to a Book Lovers (formerly RT Con), then definitely consider it. If nothing else, you will come home with a whole second suitcase of books and swag!

Click to scroll through some of the many pics I took. And be sure to sign up for this month's contest to win one of 5 bags of books and swag!

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