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Cover Reveal!

Are you ready to travel back to Regency England? No? Neither is Lily Bennett. Unfortunately for her, fate didn't ask first.

The Earl's Timely Wallflower is the first book in a a time travel Regency romance trilogy, starring three siblings who are unexpectedly propelled back in time, and end up finding the love of their lives. I can't wait to share this first book with you. I think you will love Lily, her earl Gabriel, and a cast of unruly wastrels that he calls friends.

The Earl of Rothden needs a week’s respite before the start of the Season, not a wallflower from the future who turns his world upside down.

When Lily Bennett became the caretaker of her teenage sister, it came at the expense of her hopes, dreams, and the home she grew up in. Now that her sister is grown and on her own, Lily struggles to find a place to call home. She wants to feel part of a family again and intends to mend the broken relationships with her siblings. That is, until she discovers an unusual timepiece that lands her in Regency England. And at the feet of one of the most eligible men in society. Unfortunately, he believes that she’s crazy. Any attraction Lily feels for the stubborn man is clearly one-sided. Too bad she’s stuck with him until she can figure out how to get home.

Gabriel Hawthorne, Earl of Rothden, has decided to host one last house party before returning to London for the dreaded season where every simpering chit and money-hungry mother will hover around him like flies. Add to that his sister’s hunt for a husband and Gabriel would rather shoot himself than a grouse. Still, it’s his duty to find his sister a suitable match, which he’ll do after one last bit of respite to shore up his defenses. A respite interrupted when a pretty little wallflower in scandalous clothes lands at his feet claiming to be from the future. He'd turn her over to doctors if she weren’t so damn intriguing. Suddenly, all thoughts of London, responsibilities, and simpering debutantes don’t seem half as hard as getting Lily to stay with him.

But when his ex-mistress arrives unannounced at the house party, she makes every effort to drive a wedge between the fragile bond Gabriel and Lily have forged. If she succeeds, he could lose Lily forever. And if Lily finds a way back to her time, he may have to follow her. Because the Earl of Rothden always gets what he wants. Even when it’s a wallflower from the future.

Expected release date: April 2023

The best news? You won't have to wait too long for books 2 and 3 of the trilogy. All 3 books will be published by September 2023.

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So what do you think? Time travel to 1813 England is a bit of a departure from what I've been writing. Is it a subgenre of romance that you would read? What would you like to see me write next? Leave a comment below!

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