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How to Buy Books Direct in 6 Easy Steps

Buying books directly from an author is easy. I mean REALLY easy. Like Amazon easy. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to get the book on your device. Here's everything you need to know in -- steps!

Step 1- From any of the books page, click the Buy Direct button. This will take you to the Buy Direct page.

Step 2- Click the Buy Now Paypal button under the book that you wish to purchase. This takes you directly to Paypal to complete your purchase.

Step 3- Complete your Paypal purchase.

Step 4- Check your email! Within 5 minutes, you should receive an email with a BookFunnel link to your book. (Don't forget to check your SPAM box if you don't see it right away). Once you click the BookFunnel link, you are taken to the book page to get your book copy.

Step 5- Click the Get it Now button.

Step 6- Choose your reading device, then follow the instructions.

That's it! If you have ANY problems at all, click the Need Help link in the top right corner of the page. BookFunnel has the best customer service.

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