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I love journals. I don't actually journal per se unless it's a travel diary, but I do love them. I've used many over the years to record book ideas, characters, places, conversation ideas, travels, and dreams. Recently, I discovered junk journals and commonplace journals, which are really just journals decorated with special paper, tags, stamps, and all sorts of other things to make the journal as pretty as it is useful. And I love pretty! In fact, I had already used the junk journal method when creating my travel journals (See my blog on Scotland here) and just didn't know that it had a name.

I've since started making my own journals and I love it. It's turned into a fun hobby that still makes me feel connected to writing and yet gives me an entirely different creative outlet. Here's a few of my creations:

What do you think? Would you write in one? The dragon journal went to a dear friend who said it was too pretty to write in.

What kind of hobbies do you have? Did any of them come about unexpectedly but turn into something you love?

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