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Meet and Greet at RT Atlanta 2017

Have you heard about RT? RT is the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention that happens every year in Spring. This year, it is May 2-7 in Atlanta and I will be attending! I'm looking forward to meeting tons of readers and fellow authors. Not to mention getting all of those FREE books! Swing by to see me at the FANtastic Day event!

Can't go this year? Next year, RT is in Reno. I encourage you to check it out. Every year, the event is packed full of your favorite authors, costume parties, FREE books, giveaways, raffle baskets, publisher parties, chocolate, and my personal favorite... Cover Models!! You don't want to miss this event. The price may seem a little high, but think of all that you get for your money. Not to mention all the great people you will meet! Here's the link:

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