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New Book Coming!

I've spent the last ten years writing paranormal romances which ranged from medieval fantasy to contemporary. But what you don't know is that the very first book I wrote was actually a sci-fi romance. That book is currently keeping the dust bunnies company. However, I've always enjoyed a good sci-fi romance tale, and it seems a lot of other romance readers do to.

My muse agreed and a new book is on the way. I hope you'll join me on a journey of expanding my book series. I'll still be writing paranormal, but I want to add in sci-fi romance too. This book is 85% complete and should be done in the next week. Edits will follow and I have to decide on a title and get a cover, but I'd like to share a bit of it with you now.

Chloe took over her grandparents' farm after they passed. It's really the only home she's ever known and she clings to it fiercely. So much that she's afraid to follow any dream that means leaving her home. But fate intervenes in the form of a UFO crashing into her barn. But there are no short gray beings here. No, these men are tall, muscled, and oh so hot. Chloe could probably ignore all of that if their leader, Ares, hadn't shown up at her house, crashing dinner with her brother, and claimed she was his mate. What's a girl to do when she's afraid to leave the only home she's ever known and the hottest male she's ever seen wants to take her across the galaxy?

Here's a snippet:

Seth was staring at the food behind her, nostrils twitching as he breathed deep.

In fact, they both seemed far more interested in eating dinner than harvesting her female eggs, or DNA, or whatever aliens were supposed to be doing. Chloe relaxed a little. Hungry men she could deal with. Psychotic little gray aliens who wanted to use her as a lab rat, not so much. Thankfully it looked like she avoid the latter.

“My brother, Damon, is coming over for dinner tonight. He should be here any second, so don’t try anything.”

“But I want to try all the food,” Seth said.

“Of course you do.” Chloe opened a kitchen cabinet and retrieved four plates. Could she get them back out to the barn with their food before Damon arrived? How would she explain the missing food portions? He was bound to notice eventually, even if he’d been distracted of late. And for that matter, how would she explain the smoking ruins of her barn without Jupe and Seth? It’s not like she did chemistry experiments in there while the cows were at pasture.

“Terran woman,” Jupe said, “you will need another.”

Chloe reached for another plate when his words broke through her circling thoughts. First, she realized that she hadn’t introduced herself and the only reason she knew their names was from their earlier bickering. Second, he thought she needed another plate.


“Ares will join us.”

“This will be his first taste of earth food,” Seth said.

Ares. Right. God of war. “He won’t kill me if he doesn’t like it, will he?” Chloe asked, only half kidding. “I’m no chef but no one has died from my cooking.” Yet.

Jupe drew a sharp breath. “Ares would never harm a woman.”

That was a small comfort at least. Chloe set the kitchen table for five places and resigned herself to the inevitable. Damon would meet her alien guests and they would sit down for a nice, awkward supper. She ushered them to seats, and then finished the potatoes while the roast rested.

“Are you thirsty?” she asked. “I might have a few beers from the last time Damon was here.” She pulled a couple brown bottles from the back of her refrigerator and opened them.

“We had beer in Germany,” Jupe said. “It was strange.”

She gave a half laugh. That summed up her feelings on beer as well. Maybe they weren’t so different after all.

Before she could think about that any further, her front door opened and her brother strode in.

“Hey sis, sorry I’m... you have company.” Damon stopped in the doorway of the kitchen and stared hard at the newcomers. “Chloe?”

Jupe and Seth rose, standing a couple inches taller and much broader in the shoulders than her brother. Damon drew himself to his full height and stared them down.

Although he was a year younger, Damon had graduated high school two years before Chloe. He wasn’t just smart, he was brilliant. He had three college degrees faster than most kids finished school and had soon gone to work for the government. Now he worked at nearby Whiteman Air Force Base on some super-secret stuff. Even if he could tell her, Chloe knew she probably wouldn’t understand it.

She stepped over to her brother and gave him a side hug. Damon was an inch under six feet and her head only came up to his cheek.

He gave her a quick squeeze and adjusted his glasses. With brown hair and green eyes, he was handsome in a geeky sort of way. Her friends had thought so all through school. But he’d filled out from the skinny younger brother and might even be hiding a few muscles under his button down.

Chloe shook her head and held back a sniff. When had her little bro grown up? He looked ready to fight to protect her.

“I’m Damon,” he said to her guests, not extending his hand. “You are?”

“Two of my team,” a deep, rich voice said from behind Chloe.

She spun just as a taller, hotter, god of war stepped into her kitchen. His black hair was a little long, but not enough to brush his shoulders, and his eyes were the brightest green she’d ever seen. He had a strong chin covered in a day’s growth of stubble and firm lips that weren’t smiling. His shoulders were so wide that they brushed the sides of the narrow doorway and he wore the same fitted black uniform as his men.

Heat flashed through Chloe and a tingling, almost humming feeling settled into her stomach. She felt like someone had just plugged her into an electrical socket.

When he stepped into the room, all her breath rushed out of her body and the kitchen, already crowded with men, shrank to just one man.

“Forget the tabloids. You can have my eggs.”

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