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New Contest!

To celebrate the release of The Earl's Timely Wallflower, I'm running a contest for some fun Regency items, plus a hand-made Jane Austen mini junk journal.

Click the giveaway graphic to enter!

Time Travel Regency Romance Giveaway graphic

I handmade the Jane Austen mini junk journal with tea-stained paper and hand-sewed the pages. It has a total of 24 pages (which is why it's mini) and measures 8" high x 5.25" wide. Here's some of the interior pages:

The Jane Austen art prints are reproductions of sketches from the 1909 editions of Emma and Persuasion by Jane Austen. Some of the prints are 5" x 7" and others are 3.5" x 5". Here are a few of the sketches you could win:

The giveaway runs from March 24 - April 7. Winners will be drawn and notified approximately April 10th. There is no purchase necessary to win, although I do hope you will check out my new Time Travel Regency Romance, The Earl's Timely Wallflower which releases March 28th!

Never let destiny meddle in your romantic affairs…

Gabriel Hawthorne needs a week’s respite before the start of the Season, not a strangely dressed woman claiming to be from the future who seems intent on turning his world upside down. He'd turn Lily over to the doctors if she weren’t so damned intriguing. But when his ex-mistress attempts to drive a wedge between their fragile bond, Gabriel realizes that he’s not ready to let Lily go. If she finds a way back to her time, he may have to follow her.

Because the Earl of Rothden always gets what he wants—even when it’s a wallflower from the future.

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