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New Release - Night of Lyons Anthology

Get ready for a sexy night of romance in the shadows of a masquerade ball!

Mrs. Dove-Lyons is hosting an invitation only Mystere Masque and everyone is hoping for an invite! For those that attend, who might they find behind the masks on a night when anything goes?

This anthology is a collection of 11 Regency era short stories. My story is:

The Lyon's Last Chance-

Owen Granville has secretly been in love with his best friend's sister, Grace, for years. A disastrous bet from his youth ended with his promise to never speak to her again, so when Owen finds himself in need of a wife, he knows he'll have to choose another woman. Fate has other plans however, steering him back into Grace's path at a masquerade ball. Now Owen has the chance to win her back, but if he does, he will lose his best friend forever. Choosing between love and loyalty has never been so difficult, and either outcome will have devastating consequences that will scar his heart forever.

This story is connected to the Taken by Destiny time travel trilogy and chronologically comes after the trilogy in April 1815. Owen can be found in The Earl's Timely Wallflower and Tempting the Reclusive Earl!

Tropes: Best friend's little sister, Second Chances

Buy now for just 99 cents!

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