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Nikolai of Semar - Now Available!

The wait is finally over! You can now pre-order your copy of Nikolai of Semar at all major eBook retailers!


Could you ever love a man like me?

The thought came unbidden. Niko hated that he wanted to know the answer. Needed to know if Aria could care for him as he was starting to care for her. And terribly afraid at the same time.

He closed the distance between them, taking in her every curve through the burgundy silk dress that clung to her form. A warm breeze blew through the window, caressing her face and lifting the silk of her hair to tickle his skin as he neared. Niko stopped behind her, close. So close that he could feel the heat of her body against his chest. He ached to feel her breasts pressed to him, to taste her skin and revel in the slide of body against body.

He lifted his hand toward her, then let it drop. He shouldn’t touch her, but everything in him yearned for it. Something that felt this right couldn’t be wrong. Niko swallowed, breathed deep, and gave in.


Can't wait until August 21st? You can read Nikolai of Semar right now. If you buy the book directly from me (using Paypal), you can read Nikolai before it is available to everyone else. You will also receive a discount off the purchase price ($2.99 instead of $3.99) AND you will get a very special short story. The fairy tale "Freya and the Fae Prince" which is connected to the Nikolai of Semar story line.

Check out the Nikolai of Semar book page for more information!

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