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Now Available!

The Earl's Timely Wallflower is out now! I'm so excited to share Gabriel and Lily's book with you. It's first in the Taken by Destiny trilogy, which follows three siblings as they venture into the past.

What can you expect in this story? A heroine who doesn't have it all together and isn't model thin. She's happy with her body but a little insecure when standing next to her supermodel sister or Gabriel's gorgeous ex-lover. A hero who loves his sister and is a little unwilling to let her go when it comes to finding her own happiness, and who is more than a little intrigued by the strangely dressed woman that his sister almost runs over with a carriage.

You'll get a sexy romance, a hot hero, some entertaining side characters who pick on each other as a sign of affection, a peek at the hero of book 2: Christian, and of course, a happily ever after!

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