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The Hero is Almost Here...

The much-anticipated final book in the Taken by Destiny trilogy is out on Halloween! If you read the first two books in the series, then you've been teased with the grumpy, former Navy SEAL Archer Bennett. It's time to send him some sunshine.

Archer Bennett was seriously injured in an attack that claimed the lives of his entire team. Since then, he retreated from the rest of the world, including the last two people who love his grumpy ass unconditionally - his sisters Lily and Bellamy.

But when first Lily, then Bellamy go missing, he's forced to leave the cave and find them. His search leads them to a crappy apartment in a tiny town managed by thug. To say that Archer is unimpressed is an understatement. It's clear the man has helped himself to some of Lily and Bellamy's belongings, including a beautiful enameled egg. Closer inspection of the egg reveals a little clock within... a clock that sends him back to 1814, where he comes to the rescue of the beguiling Violet Hawthorne. Violet is beautiful, mischievous, and at 18, she's far too young for him. He's seen and done too much for her bright-eyed innocence and sunny disposition. He shouldn't have anything to do with her. But as the sister of his host, he can't avoid her.

Violet is intrigued by the ruggedly handsome Archer Bennett. He doesn't have a title, money, or even his own home so he should be entirely unsuitable, but there's something about him that she can't deny is incredibly attractive... right up until the moment she begins to receive anonymous notes with gifts. Archer is certain that there is something nefarious about someone sending her flowers. As if he couldn't imagine that anyone would find her attractive enough to do so! Suddenly, Archer wants to be glued to her side for her protection, and Violet wants no part of that... except when she glimpses vulnerability and pain in his dark eyes.

They will drive each other mad, but in the process, they might just find a love that neither expected. But when Archer finally has the means to go back to his time, will he take it? And even worse, will Lily and Bellamy go with him now that they can?

This book came in a full 100 pages longer than the first two books! I'm so thrilled with the outcome and how it wraps up the entire trilogy. I hope you love this grumpy, stubborn, protective man as much as I do. Violet is going to test his limits in every way, and I can't wait for you to read their story.

Oh, and if you're at all intrigued by Zeph, don't worry... he's in this book too. Will we learn any more about him? Or will he be as mysterious as ever?

Pre-order this book for just $0.99. A few days after release, the book will go up to at least $2.99. Order it now, and also, read Chapter One here:

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