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Two New Books Up for Pre-Order!

It's been a whirlwind year and I'm so excited to announce not one but TWO books available for pre-order. Let's dig in.

Night of Lyons Anthology-

(Available August 26th)

It's the hottest ticket in town! One night a year, the infamous gaming hell The Lyon's Den hosts a masquerade ball in honor of Mrs. Dove-Lyons's birthday. This invitation only event is the talk of the Ton, and only a select few receive the prized golden ticket for entry. Everyone wants one... but who will receive it this year?

The Lyon's Last Chance:

Owen Granville has secretly been in love with his best friend's sister, Grace, for years. A disastrous bet from his youth ended with his promise to never speak to her again, so when Owen finds himself in need of a wife, he knows he'll have to choose another woman. An invitation to a masquerade ball hosted by a renowned matchmaker seems to offer the perfect opportunity to find a suitable wife. But fate has other plans because Grace is also at the ball in search of a husband. Suddenly Owen has a chance to win her back, but if he succeeds, it comes at a great cost­—the betrayal of his best friend. Choosing between love and loyalty has never been so difficult, and either outcome will have devastating consequences.

This book is a related story to the Taken by Destiny trilogy, featuring Owen Granville, a familiar face to those who've read the Taken by Destiny stories.

Dragonblade's Historical Recipe Cookbook

(Available October 23rd)

Ready to eat your way through history? This collection of history inspired recipes is a collection provided by Dragonblade's historical romance authors.

I contributed the Braided Medieval Yule Bread recipe which is a dinner bread traditionally made for Yuletide (Christmas) because ingredients like cinnamon were so expensive at the time. What makes this recipe extra special is that a trinket wrapped in parchment paper is baked into the bread. Whoever finds it is sure to have good luck for the year ahead!

(Note: This will be available in a physical book form, though right now I'm not sure if it will be paperback, hardback, or other)

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