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Unexpected Messages

God speaks to me in the most amazing ways. Now, whether you believe in God, or a higher power, or nothing at all... bear with me for a moment.

Two days ago, I was stressing about my work. As an author these days, it's *really* difficult to get your name known when there are about 1 million new ISBN titles created every year. It's a struggle to find new readers while at the same time, trying to make sure your current readers are happy. For some, this all comes easy. For me, it seems, it doesn't and I know a lot of authors are in the same boat. While I'm very excited about working with the publicist, the same old doubts always creep in. You know... "Am I doing the right thing by spending this money?" or "Maybe my books aren't commercial enough" (and maybe I need to write more mainstream romance), or the dreaded, "If I can't make this work, maybe I should just quit altogether."

I stressed these thoughts to my hubby, who promptly gave me the figurative smack upside the head I needed. But it never makes those doubts go away.

Today, I opened an email from a group I follow and the author specifically says:

"I think that sometimes we, as authors, worry too much about whether our books 'fit the market' or are commercial enough, when in fact we should be asking: What's the story I want to tell? What's my passion?
P.S.: Never stop writing. A.E. Hotchner, for example, just published his latest at 101 (or maybe 98). So never quit and never give up." ~ Jeffrey, The Fussy Librarian

It was the message I needed to hear. If I give up now, who's to say that tomorrow wouldn't be the day that changed everything?

So, whether you believe in God, a higher power, or nothing at all, leave yourself open to these sorts of messages. They will keep you on the path you are meant to be on. Whether than means success or not is a different story. But they will always bolster your spirit when you need it most.

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Jun 27

AMEN to that!!! GOD's Angels are always there...we just have to LISTEN!!

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