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Where in the world have you been?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

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Wow, what happened to 2019 and 2020? I seem to have lost some time. Okay, technically it wasn't lost but it sure wasn't spent on things like writing new books. At the end of summer in 2019, I had a health issue crop up that severely impacted me on a day to day basis. Nothing horrible like cancer or Covid, thankfully, but still tough. It's called chronic fatigue and if any of you have it, I'm so sorry! It's taken quite a bit of time to figure out my new normal and be kind to myself when I don't get things done.

The good news is that I'm writing again. In fact, I started a new series which is a sci-fi romance. How does that fit in with Paranormal, you ask? Well, technically most booksellers consider them the same romance category. But even if they didn't, I fully believe that I can still bring my readers a story with heat and heart, no matter what time frame it takes place in. Plus, it gives me a chance to get back to writing a contemporary setting without having to write a "contemporary romance". I know, I know, many of you LOVE contemporary and I'll admit that there are a few I've enjoyed. There's nothing wrong with them. I just can't write a bad boy billionaire. Sorry folks, not gonna happen. For whatever reason, they don't interest me. Probably because I read to escape "every day life" and most don't give me enough of an escape.

My new sci-fi romance is about a woman who is clinging to her small farm as the last link to the loved ones she's lost. She's literally shaken up when a UFO crashes into her barn. But instead of little gray aliens planning to harvest her female eggs and do weird experiments, she finds tall, sexy, alien warriors who are looking for compatible mates... and their leader claims she is his. If that's not enough, the fate of the world hinges on whether she truly IS his mate. No pressure, right?

I'll post some excerpts soon. I hope you'll join me on a new adventure. And don't worry, I'm still writing on the Lords of Magic series. Lucius's book is in the works. I'd like to write the two books for Gregore's friends from Set in Stone, but they will depend on Thomas and Jeffrey talking to me again.

Woo, okay, that's a big update. Look for a newsletter for me in mid-February with a great sale and more updates to come! I'm going to try to update my blog once a week. And if no one reads it and I'm talking to myself, well, it won't be the first time. ;) Hugs!

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