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Set in Stone


Can a gargoyle convince a detective that doesn't believe in magic to break his curse?

Once falsely accused of his lover’s murder, Gregore knows when he is going to die, and he has spent decades searching for a way to break the curse that hardens his body to stone.  When a painful twist of fate lands the counter-curse in his hands then snatches it away just days before he turns to stone forever, Gregore’s desperation reaches newfound heights.  He’ll do anything to live—even if it means kidnapping the one woman who could steal his heart.

Although she comes from a long lineage of powerful women, Detective Tara O’Reilly is wonderfully content with her normal life.  The remnants of her Gypsy heritage and magic are firmly locked away where they can’t hurt anyone.  However, when a creature straight out of legend kidnaps her and asks for her help, she’ll have to choose between walking away from a man who stirs her soul and embracing a magic that could kill everyone she loves.​

Note to Readers: Set in Stone is a contemporary, paranormal romance featuring a super sexy man cursed by gypsies and a tough heroine detective who doesn't believe in magic. If you like a steamy book with a hero displaced from his own time, a kick-ass heroine, action-packed fight scenes, and funny side characters, then this book is for you! You get a happily ever after and no cliff-hangers.

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