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Stefan of Caeli


Imprisoned dragon shifter Stefan Baudin should know better than to trust the woman sent to spy on him, but how can he resist the woman meant to be his?

When dragon shifter Stefan Baudin’s mother was brutally ripped away from him by strange guards, he vowed to one day find her. He never expected that his quest would lead him to a hidden kingdom rumored to be a dragon stronghold, or that asking the wrong questions would land him in a dungeon with his dragon magically bound and at the mercy of a sadistic warrior. Beaten and bloody, it is the tender hands of the woman in the cell beside him that bring him comfort in the darkness.

Isabela Florin is the only female in the Caeli Guard. She has fought her way up the ranks, determined to be the best, hoping to recapture the attention and respect of her parents. So when her commander offers her dream job in exchange for spying on a prisoner, she jumps at the opportunity. But the sexy, intense man in the dungeon is no ordinary prisoner. Strength, power, and mystery surround him and with every interaction, Isabela feels an unexpected bond form between them, until she is forced to choose between her goal and helping him escape.

Drawn to each other in ways they can’t explain, Stefan and Isabela fight through dangers at every turn and face a powerful enemy that intends to hunt down his prisoner and strip them both of their magic, then take Isabela for his own.

Note to Readers: A steamy romance with a fierce dragon, a tough female warrior, and the magic of true love. Contains a very happy ending with no cliff hangers.

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