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The Kingdoms of Jaduria

Explore the kingdoms that make up the realm of Jaduria and the people that populate them.


The kingdom of Aquina has existed for over a thousand years. Perched on the edge of the Sea of Aquina, it boasts a large palace, thriving markets, and a temperate climate. A salty breeze often blows through the streets, bringing the exotic scents of fresh oranges and some of the sweet blooming flowers that grow in abundance. The town is peaceful, with many fountains and cobbled streets.

For years, Aquina was at peace. But when the last of the Khalon family line died in his youth, a new ruler rose to power. Can the people of Aquina survive his tyranny? Or will a new king rise?


Hidden in the highest peaks of the Albu (White) Mountains, is the kingdom of Caeli. Whispers and rumors are all that is known of this kingdom. It's people remain within its walls, never mingling with the human towns in the valleys below.

Despite the snowy peaks surrounding the kingdom, the climate within is mild. Flowers grow in gardens and the sun shines brightly on the white-washed homes.

Are the rumors true? Do dragons live there? One man must learn the truth. For in doing so, he may finally understand the secrets of the past.


Among the Great Desert dunes, lies a kingdom at the edge of paradise. Water flows from deep beneath its limestone streets, through the strata, to fill a magical oasis. Green palms and flowering bushes dot the shore, providing a cool respite to the hot desert beating down on the sands.

The kingdom of Semar is older even than Aquina. No one knows its age, or even what happened to the original occupants. Its streets were utterly empty on the day it was rediscovered, like a ghost of its former glory.

Now, a new people call Semar home. Misfits, the displaced, wanderers. All come together under the powerful leadership of the Dark Dragon. A ruthless man who fiercely protects all under his care. Even if it is from himself.


The mountains of Jaduria are the backdrop for the beautiful kingdom of Elandra. A castle of white stone with stunning towers overlooks a serene lake. It has maintained peace for nearly 500 years, thanks to a single ruling family.

Over time, they have cultivated relationships with neighboring kingdoms, but rarely allow visitors to linger within their walls. Many marriages are arranged, but overall the people are healthy and happy.

The people love their current king. He's brilliant, a strong leader, and works to build new trade relationships. But there is something missing from his life. The people would see their king, and his brother, happily married. It is time for the line to continue and a new generation of the royal family to be born.


Crumbling towers and heavy wards mark the kingdom of Vidara. But visitors beware. A dangerous people populate this ruin - the Nemesi.

The Nemesi, or Mage race as they are often known, are easily identified by their white hair and silver eyes. Though it is rare for one to leave their kingdom, you would know them in an instant. If not for their unsettling looks, then by the aura of dark magic that emanates from their very beings.

Little is known about Vidara and its halls. How do the people survive? Do they farm in the hills and forests surrounding their kingdom? Where did they come from?


Tyrnali, the kingdom of five towers, has warred with its neighbors on and off for centuries. As a result, most of the people of Jaduria either fear it or know little of its people.

The kingdom has been peaceful in the last decade however, since Gavril's father visited its ruler shortly before his death. None of the men in his retinue are alive today, their deaths a mixture of unusual and mysterious circumstances.


What happened during that visit that required that all be silenced permanently? And when and where will the forces of Tyrnali strike again?

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