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From friends to lovers to a marriage of convenience, hidden identities to his best friend’s sister, you’ll be swept away to the magic of Christmas in Scotland where braw heroes will do anything to keep the women they love.

Grab some hot cocoa and snuggle up with 4 all-new medieval romances!

Keep the Yule Fire Burning by Allison Butler
Finley Blalock has always loved Mor Forester. But when her brother Liam confronts him, he can’t reveal the truth. After losing his mother, he refuses to ever tell someone he loves them. When Liam’s quest to find a husband for Mor pushes Fin to breaking point, a fight ensues. As punishment, they are challenged to keep the Yule fire burning for twelve days. If they fail, the tension between them will be dealt with using swords instead of fists. With his love for Mor and friendship with Liam at risk, Fin will need Yuletide wishes and the magic of mistletoe to find the courage to tell the woman he loves how much she means to him before he loses her – and his best friend – forever.

His Christmas Angel by Aurrora St. James
Reclusive Laird Dougal de Giffard knows that no woman will have him. Thanks to his infamous father, rumors of black magic have overshadowed his life until even strong men avoid him. When he’s ambushed and left for dead just days before Christmas, he’s rescued by his neighbor's feisty daughter. Slaine de Morham might be enticing, and raising every one of his protective instincts, but he intends to keep her at a distance. That is, until she’s threatened. Suddenly, Dougal finds himself with an unexpected wife, new enemies, and an assassin drawing near. The more time he spends with Slaine, the more he wants to protect her, and love her. But it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to keep her. Who could ever love the devil of Goblin Hall?

A Gift from the Sea by Nancy Lee Badger
A shipwrecked son of a clan chieftain, Monroe hides his full identity from the young lass who saves him from the waves, and her brothers. An attack by seafaring warriors puts all their lives in danger and the resulting deaths place a shadow over the upcoming Christmas Festivities. Leading Gwyn and her family toward his home far from the coast of Scotland’s North Sea could be a mistake, yet be the only way to keep them all alive.

Celtic Nollaig Moon by Ria Cantrell

Devon MacDougall never expected to find himself in the midst of an assassination attempt on the king. Surrounded by enemies and not knowing who to trust, he vows to find the would-be assassin before a second attempt is made. But when the lovely daughter of the MacCollum laird becomes involved, he's torn between protecting her and finding the culprit.

Available now in ebook and paperback!

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