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Touching The Hero's Heart

Touching the Hero's Heart.jpg

Book 3 in the Taken by Destiny Trilogy


Never let destiny meddle in your romantic affairs…

Special Forces prepared him for everything except etiquette in the ballrooms of Regency England and a tempting debutante far too young for him.

Former Navy SEAL Archer Bennett retreated from the world after barely surviving the ambush that left him permanently injured, but the disappearance of his sisters has forced him out of isolation. During his search, he finds an unusual clock that sends him back two hundred years to the Regency era—and to the rescue of a feisty young woman who ignites his desire. But Archer has seen and done too much to inflict his demons on any woman—especially one as beautiful and vibrant as Violet.

After years of her mother’s neglect, Lady Violet Hawthorne desperately wants a family of her own, but her brother won’t let her within a furlong of a suitable gentleman. That changes when she accidentally falls into the arms of a wounded warrior who is unlike anyone she’s ever known. He’s grumpy, dangerous, and incredibly handsome, even with scars that seem to run deep. One look in those pain-filled eyes and Violet discovers an undeniable attraction that she never expected, and an honorable man worth fighting for. But Archer is determined to keep her at a distance, until she begins to receive mysterious notes that set off his protective instincts.

Archer fears the sender may have dishonorable intentions and vows to keep her safe until he can return home. Their desire for each other burns hotter the longer they spend together, but with an unknown man pursuing Violet, Archer must either fight his own demons to win her heart, or return to the future alone.

Note to Readers: Touching the Hero's Heart is a Regency Time Travel romance. If you like a steamy book with a sexy Navy Seal, a vivacious heroine who knows exactly what she wants in a husband, and romance for the ages, then this book is for you! You get a happily ever after and no cliff-hangers.

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