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Touching The Hero's Heart

Touching Reveal.jpg

Book 3 in the Taken by Destiny Trilogy


Never let destiny meddle in your romantic affairs…

Special Forces prepared him for everything except etiquette in the ballrooms of Regency England and a tempting debutante far too young for him.

When Navy Seal Archer Bennett was medically discharged after surviving a deadly ambush, the only things that he had to worry about were healing, the constant nightmares, and failing miserably at reintegrating with regular society. But when his baby sister calls frantic because she can’t reach their other sister, he agrees to join the hunt. A search that inexplicably lands them both in Regency England. Now, interacting with modern society doesn’t seem so bad, because the Navy sure as hell didn’t cover ballroom etiquette during Special Forces training. Archer couldn’t be more of a fish out of water if you dropped the fish in the Afghan desert. But with both his sisters wanting to stay in this new time and a feisty but tempting young woman constantly in his thoughts, Archer must make his toughest decision yet – go back to the comfort of a life he knows or stay and fight for a future not yet written.

Violet Hawthorne is in her second Season and on the hunt for a suitable husband. She wants to start a family of her own, but her brother won’t let her within a furlong of an eligible bachelor. She’s so close to being on the shelf that the maid is preparing to dust her. Then she meets Archer Bennett, a wounded warrior who is like no one else she’s ever met. He’s not titled or wealthy and doesn’t even own a home, so he should be completely unsuitable. But one look in those pain-filled eyes and Violet knows that she’s just found her love match. Now she just has to convince Archer—and her brother—that love is worth the risk.

If Archer returns to his own time, he’ll lose his sisters and the woman he’s falling for. But he might be too broken to stay.

Note to Readers: Touching the Hero's Heart is a Regency Time Travel romance. If you like a steamy book with a sexy Navy Seal, a vivacious heroine who knows exactly what she wants in a husband, and romance for the ages, then this book is for you! You get a happily ever after and no cliff-hangers.

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