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Night of Lyons Anthology

Night of Lyons.jpg

Get this collection of 13 brand new Regency short stories surrounding the Mystere Masque at the Lyon's Den!

Available August 26th!


The Lyon's Last Chance

Owen Granville has secretly been in love with his best friend's sister, Grace, for years. A disastrous bet from his youth ended with his promise to never speak to her again, so when Owen finds himself in need of a wife, he knows he'll have to choose another woman. An invitation to a masquerade ball hosted by a renowned matchmaker seems to offer the perfect opportunity to find a suitable wife. But fate has other plans because Grace is also at the ball in search of a husband. Suddenly Owen has a chance to win her back, but if he succeeds, it comes at a great cost­—the betrayal of his best friend. Choosing between love and loyalty has never been so difficult, and either outcome will have devastating consequences.

Tropes: Best friend's sister, second chances

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