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A Dark Christmas Knight Overlay Preview

I'm very excited for the release of A Dark Christmas Knight, which is technically a re-release of the novella His Christmas Angel from the Yuletide Kisses anthology. The book has had a few minor additions, and is definitely worth a re-read, but I might be biased. Dougal is one of my very favorite heroes! (Plus it won 2nd place in the Carolyn Reader's Choice Awards)

To celebrate the release of this story, I'm offering a few pre-order bonuses:

  1. A bonus epilogue (included when you receive the book)

  2. My personal Scottish Shortbread recipe

  3. A printable artwork overlay, 8" H x 5" W

Here's a preview of the overlay, in case you've never seen one before:

If you've pre-ordered the book, you can still claim your overlay and recipe bonus by filling out this short form with a copy of your receipt: Pre-Order Bonuses Form

I will email the recipe and the artwork to you. For the overlay, I recommend printing it on vellum. Here's what I use, but please make certain that you buy a printable vellum that works with your printer: Strathmore Inkjet Printable Vellum

Printing Tip: You can print this artwork on any material. If you use vellum, be sure to let the printed piece dry for at least a minute before handling. Once dry, it's set, but I learned from experience that handling the art too soon after printing leads to smeared ink!

Oh, and want to see pictures of the real Yester Castle in Scotland? Take a look here.

Thanks for reading!

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