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Taken by Destiny - A Trilogy

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

A block of four images- a man with a cane, a woman wearing feather wings and a mask, a man and woman sharing a kiss through a garden gate, and a man and woman in Regency era clothes dancing at a ball.

I'm very excited to announce that I will have a new trilogy out in 2023! This series follows two sisters and a brother who unexpectedly find themselves time traveling to 1813 England and find love when they least expected it. They will be short novels with a couple more steamy scenes than in my other books.

In book 1, The Earl's Untimely Wallflower, Lily Bennett is struggling to find her place in the world and reconnect with her siblings after the death of their parents took a toll on their relationship. But when she tries to do something nice for her boss, she finds herself back in the Regency period of England, taken in by the most handsome man she's ever seen, who thinks she's completely crazy. As Lily tries to adapt to the customs of the time, she's also looking for a way home. She's definitely not looking to fall in love with an Earl, or find unexpected family with him and his sister.

Book 2- Tempting the Reclusive Earl, follows the youngest sister Bellamy who is frantic to find her missing sister. When she finds her, it's neither where nor when she expected to. Even if Lily decides to stay in the past, Bellamy has a multi-million dollar contract on the line that will make her career. She has to return home, and the only person who can help her is a reclusive earl that is avoiding her.

Book 3- Touching the Hero's Heart, follows their older brother, Archer. He was already in the military and overseas when their parents died. He thought that years in special forces prepared him for everything... except how to reintegrate with society after a severe injury ended his military career. Or how to survive the ballrooms of London in 1814. Archer might not know how to fit in back in his old life, but he sure doesn't fit in here - no matter what his sisters or the beautiful Lady Violet have to say. He's already uncomfortable walking with a cane and if Violet has her way, she'd drag him out on to the dance floor, which is not happening. Even if he weren't injured, he's seen too much and Violet is way too young for him. Something he'll remind himself of every time she laughs with a hint of mischief or looks at him with those gorgeous eyes and full lips. She's bright, funny, and full of life, and Archer knows he has no business sharing the same space with a woman like that.

Check out my inspiration pics on Pinterest on the Taken by Destiny board.

All three books will be out between March and July 2023. This is a different time period for me and I'm having a wonderful time writing in it. I hope you will give these books a shot when they come out.

As soon as I finish writing Archer's book, I'll start back on Lucius of Vidara - book 4 of the Lords of Magic series. My current plan is to publish his book by the end of 2023 and start on book 5. If all goes well with this trilogy, I hope to write more for Dragonblade Publishing in the future.

Lots of great things happening in 2023! After coming down with Covid earlier this month, believe me when I say that I'm ready. Bring on the new year!

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